Be a Part of PLAP City Rollers


Skaters & Refs

Seeking new players – or “fresh meat” – and referees! We will teach you all you need to know to be a part of this fast-growing, amazing sport! All ages (17+), sizes, and skill levels welcome. Contact us for more info!

***Our next ‘fresh meat’ recruitment is on September 18th, with training beginning in October! Check the “Fresh Meat” page for more details!


NSO’s & Volunteers

PLAP City Rollers are always looking for willing volunteers and NSO’s (non-skating officials) to help our bouts run smoothly! If you love the idea of helping the league out (and getting into our bouts and after-parties for FREE) please contact us by visiting the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page!



PLAP City Rollers are looking to put our roots down! To be able to do this while giving back to our community, we need sponsors!!

There are many levels of sponsorship within our league. Sponsoring PLAP City Rollers can come with a lot of bonuses in addition to advertising; we offer free tickets to bouts, discounts on merchandise, and SO much more! Contact us today about sponsoring our league!



Community Memberships

For only $10 per year, you can become a community member of the PLAP City Rollers! With a community membership you will receive: 15% off all bout tickets, 10% off all PLAP City Rollers merchandise, access to pre-sale tickets to bouts, email notifications about upcoming events, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting a team in your community! Your contribution of $10 goes a long way to help the PLAP City Rollers with costs of equipment, advertising, practice space, and bouts! Contact us for more info.